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Let’s say you own a great business and you have a decent growth. But while you grow, you sometimes forget to keep a check on your business’s online reputation which can impact your growth substantially. It is true that 90% of customers trust wordofmouth recommendations.

But still, over 70% of customers search for online reviews before opting for a product or service and of them 79% trust these reviews. So one disgruntled customer spreading a negative word online about your business can leave a wrong impression to the world. That’s where ORM Consultant helps you by monitoring, enhancing and restoring your brand image online.

Say, Mr. Steve, who owns a travel booking website, which is stringed to a satisfied customer base. A while back, one of Steve’s customers was unhappy with the cancellation fee charged by an airline he opted. Though this had nothing to do with Steve, this dreadful customer posted negative reviews about Steve’s business on certain websites and blogs. Other potential customers on seeing this turned away, knocking down the robust reputation Steve’s business had built. But we can help Steve restore his brand image by squashing those false and negative impressions with positive material using their proven techniques and thus nurturing Steve’s business. And it’s not just Travels’ Online Reputation Management like of Steve’s that we takes care of, but also of many other domains.

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